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Navigating the long and narrow powder room

What my clients thought of this as a powder room update, for me, it was a challenge to renovate a very narrow and poorly functioning space into one that would visually appear wider and would eliminate constant nucences. I suggested that this was the time to address the sink placement which interfered with the entry door swing, to eliminate a vanity that was too deep and too long, and to change the "bowling alley effect" of the 4'-6" by 9' space without knocking down walls to expand.

When gutting the space, I was sure to eradicate any nuances of the 80's powder room! This included removing a fully mirrored wall that faced the toilet, a pink sink and matching vanity, Hollywood type light fixtures, chrome accessories and gray ceramic floor tile. I also removed all the existing moldings so I would have a raw space to work with. The original entry door was the only item left in place.

Now, the plumber was able to relocate the plumbing for the sink (originally in the corner at the room's entry) to several feet further down the same wall. This would enable the entry door to swing into the space without hitting someone standing at a sink. The new location also changed an extremely cramped corner and would provide comfortable moving room at the new sink. Also, the plumbing was installed at a height to accommodate the wall mounted faucets selected. The location for the toilet remained, although a new, more efficient model was installed after the new flooring was laid.

Since the ceiling was eight feet high, my love for a powder room chandelier was not feasible. Instead electric was installed above the toilet to accommodate a decorative sconce. Two recessed high hats were installed for general illumination and two small recessed halogens on either side of the sink for vanity lighting purposes.

With all the other updates in my client's home reflecting their house in Colorado, I needed to follow suite with this project. The wide window and base board trim incorporated a very simple profile and the tall oak corner cabinet to the left of the sink was equally as simple. The hot water base board cover was fabricated in oak to match. The oak floor, milled by the contractor along with the other trims, was placed on the diagonal in order to create the illusion of a wider space. The horizontal lines from the wood mini blind, also helps with the illusion of adding width to the room. And, as an inside mount window treatment with little projection, it did not encroach on the limited space of the room nor did it cover the important window trim. The oak entry door, is the original paint grade door faux finished!

A beige stone mosaic, 4in. by 4in. coordinating stone decos and a decorative stone top rail used on the walls added to the western feel. The formation of the rail as a surround for the beveled mirror afforded a simple but effective detail. The sand color walls and ceiling blend into the stone finishes aiding in the very soft earthy feel. A copper simulated ceramic sink, a Zodiac counter and oil rubbed bronze hardware throughout also enriched the earthy ambiance. And, while the decorative metal sink base adds to the mood, the open light design is the major contributor to visually expanding the room.

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